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Training Home Study Course

When a person begins work for a pest control business in Texas, that person is not allowed to perform pest control work alone until completing 20 hours of classroom training in the SPCS General Standards and 8 hours of classroom training in each of the categories in which they are seeking to be licensed and 40 hours of on the job training.

SPCS Rule 593.21 (h) (1) (2) "Apprentices shall not perform any pest control work without the physical presence of a licensed technician or a certified applicator. Upon completion of the following study and on-the-job training, the apprentice may work alone so long as a certified applicator is physically present for personal instruction three day a week. The studies and job training required are as follows:

1. Complete at least two hours of classroom training in each of the following subjects:
     A.  federal and state laws that regulate the industry;
     B.  recognition of pests and pest damage;
     C.  pesticide labels and label comprehension;
     D.  pesticide safety;
     E.  environmental protection;
     F.  application equipment and techniques;
     G.  pesticide formulations and actions;
     H.  emergency procedures, pesticide cleanup and procedures for immediate reporting of spill and misapplication;
     J.  non-chemical pest control techniques, including biological, mechanical and prevention techniques.

 2. Complete forty (40) hours of verifiable on-the-job training and eight (8) hours of classroom training in each category in which the apprentice is to provide pest control services. The business license holder, certified commercial applicator, or the certified noncommercial applicator must certify in the training records of each employee that the apprentice has completed the required training and has demonstrated competency in each category in which the apprentice is to provide service."

Documentation of the classroom training in the General Standards (i.e. A - J listed above) and the specific categories can be achieved in several ways including in-house videos, community college courses (in some cities), supervised studies, or a home study program.

IPM Associates offers the latter. We have a Home Study Course in a manual format for the General Standards which takes approximately 20 to 25 hours to complete and specific categories, i.e. Pest Control, Termite Control, and Weed Control that take 8 to 10 hours to complete. The Course can be completed by reading the manuals and answering the questions at the end of each chapter. When the manuals are completed a final exam must then be taken with IPM Associates to complete the verifiable training. Upon completion of the final exam a Verifiable Training Record (VTR) form is issued by IPM Associates. A permanent record of the technician's VTR will be held on file at the IPM Associates headquarters as well.

If the Home Study Program is of interest to your organization please submit a Registration Form. They are available for download or printout on our Registration Forms page.

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