IPM Associates Records-Keeping Program

The Structural Pest Control Service has passed a ruling mandating that Certified Applicators must obtain Continuing Education Unit requirements each year and the burden of responsibility for keeping up with and maintaining their own records. Additionally, the Service requires each Business Licensee to establish proof that the necessary CEUs have been obtained to maintain certification with the renewal of all licenses each year. The SPCS has also passed a rather heavy penalty for noncompliance.

In view of these changes IPM Associates, Inc. is offering a program that will keep you in compliance with these new Rules and the fee schedule mentioned below is now being made available to all Pest Control Operator's.

For this program IPMA will:

  1. Maintain CEU records for each Certified Applicator and all classes taken by each.
  2. Develop and provide all the required CEUs for your CAs. We can provide a quarterly status report and supply course information for any needed CEUs upon request.
  3. Provide Notarized Certification for the Establishment Inspections, which will be conducted by the SPCS at least every two years. This information will also be kept on file at IPM Associates offices. (We can assist in the preparation for these inspections at 50% discount of our standard Consulting Rate. Please see our Fee Schedule for the current standard pricing.
  4. Provide a Notarized CEU Report to your office 30 to 60 days prior to your license renewal, upon request.
  5. Provide the necessary SPCS forms for new hires (if you will notify us) completed and ready to be mailed to the SPCS after you have them notarized (if needed). If your new employee is a novice to the Industry we will set up a file to maintain training records and report the trainees status upon your request. On-The-Job training form will also be provided for you to FAX or mail weekly to IPM Associates for references and reports (if you want us to assist in keeping the OJT records).
  6. Provide the SPCB required classroom documentation for the Technician Apprentice Home-Study Course which includes 20 hours of General Standards and 8 hours each for Pest Control, Termite Control, & Weed Control at 50% of our standard rates. Please see our Fee Schedule for the current standard pricing.
  7. Provide the Technician Training Course for your Technician-Apprentice employees and have the SPCS License Exam Preparation Classes available at the same discount as above. Please see our Fee Schedule for the current standard pricing.
  8. At your option, we will permit you to advertise your company having the services of a Ph.D. Entomologist available.

These IPM Associates services are available at the following Fee Schedule:

The base fee for the first or a single Certified Applicator is $25.00/month
Certified Applicators #2 - #10 are $10.00/month each
Certified Applicators #11 - #20 are only $5.00/Month each

As an example, a business with 15 Certified Applicators the fee would be: ($25 + $90 + $25) = $140/month.

Fees can be submitted on an annual basis for a 5% discount.

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