IPM Associates SPCS Approved Continuing
Education Units Workshops

These classes (each being designated as a Continuing Education Unit or CEU) which come together as a CEU Workshop are designed to fulfill the Structural Pest Control Act requirement for license recertification of Certified Applicator, both commercial and noncommercial. Classes are available in each of the license categories (except Wood Preservation and Structural Fumigation) plus two in the General Category as mandated by the SPCS. The SPCS has been allowing the Termite Category to be substituted for Wood Preservation.

The SPCS requires that each Certified Applicator must acquire one (1) CEU in each category they are licensed in and two (2) CEUs in the General Category to renew their license each year. General Category may be designated as a general in Law & Regulations, a general in Safety, a general in IPM, or just a general i.e. Sales, Administration, etc. They also require these Continuing Education Units must be acquired before the second renewal of any Certified Applicators and Technicians Licenses and every year thereafter.

Licensed Technicians may also use these classes to satisfy their requirements for Verifiable Training hours.

All IPM Associates CEU Workshops have been approved by the SPCS. The SPCS does not allow Certified Applicators credit for attending the same course twice, so all IPM Associates' classes are revised and renewed each year.

All IPM Associates CEU Workshops are organized and scheduled to accommodate the majority of the Professional Pest Managers, i.e. Termite Control, Pest Control, General Safety, and General Law & Regulations. Refer to the agenda on the Registration Form for this workshop the offering of other categories and the Classroom Training Fee Schedule for pricing.

If you are interested in attending the IPM Associates' CEU Workshops at no charge (FREE) refer to the Records Keeping Program offered.

Attendance is by registration only and space may be limited so register as early as possible. Registration Forms are available for download or printout on our Registration Forms page. The classroom locations and dates are also included on the Registration Form for this course or on our Classroom Locations page.

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